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Call for tender N°4

Macauto – To ESG infrastructure investment funds (amortization 12/18 years)



Macauto, winner of the 2021 Territorial Innovation Prize at the Salon des Maires in the Infrastructures and Mobility category, is a nationally and internationally patented concept whose objective is to offer companies and communities an innovative and low- carbon management of a shared professional car fleet. MACAUTO One proposes to build infrastructures called “MACAUTO Hives” to serve the business world (BtoBtoB market) without financial intervention from the public sector. These all-in-one infrastructures include mobility with zero greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy capture and storage capacity, a mini green hydrogen production plant, a Sovereign Edge TIER 3 data center, LED display surfaces non-advertising but institutional communications, a capacity for treating outdoor air and a complementary offer for restoring biodiversity in the city.

Self-financed by the sale of rental deeds to third parties (companies or the public sector), the "Hives Macauto" are designed to produce and store the renewable energies necessary for the operation of the electric vehicles made available. The operation of the “Hives Macauto” is ensured by intelligent data management systems (data).

The Macauto Hives are infrastructures with a footprint of 17m x 17m or 289 m². They potentially have several types of installation, alone and visible (like large street furniture), or are inserted into buildings or are embedded in the ground, semi-embedded and adapt to all types of PLU. They house a fleet of 100 shared electric vehicles, stored vertically in a large automaton called “Hive MACAUTO”.

These storage units distribute and recharge vehicles (terminals), produce and store ENR energy (2.5 MWh), supply a mini green hydrogen power plant and host a sovereign Edge data center.

It is planned to build 27 Hives in the first 36 future months from March 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024. The quantities may quickly change as orders are received by MACAUTO One. The ability of candidates to adapt to these quantities likely to change will be an issue and a criterion of choice for retaining future holders.

The MACAUTO company has to date signed a study of potential establishment for companies established in the Metropolitan ZFE on behalf of the Métropole du Grand Paris (MGP) and several other territories in France which have made it possible to define the sites on which the Macauto hives will be installed.


Subject of the invitation to tender  

Conditions for submitting applications

Each candidate may respond to a maximum of three lots. Each candidate may submit offers equivalent to the technical specifications of the specifications provided that the minimum requirements described therein are met.

The company selection procedure will take place as follows:

Candidates are requested to send via the Marchés Online platform:

  • A presentation of the company (commercial brochure type);

  • The last three available turnover figures of the company;

  • A list of recent references in the trade concerned, if possible on similar projects;

  • Copies of valid civil, professional, two-year and ten-year insurance certificates

  • Copies of professional qualification certificates

  • Civil status of the manager of the company

  • K-Bis extract

  • If the company depends on a group of companies

  • The name of the lots for which they wish to express their interest.

Applications must be sent before January 14, 2022, at 4 p.m. via the dematerialization platform:

Bid submission phase

At the end of the verification of the financial and professional capacities, being an innovative patented system carried out by the company MACAUTO, a confidentiality agreement will be sent to the candidate companies upon identification by answers of the latter, which they will have to return. dated, sealed, stamped and signed + double-sided IP copy of the responsible signatory as well as the manager of the company.

The candidates who have satisfied the guarantees defined above will then be given, during a phase of submission of tenders, the technical specifications of the selected lots of the project as well as a document defining the rules of the consultation. , including the bid judging criteria.

This tender submission phase will last three weeks.

A ranking will then be established and the selected companies will be contacted.

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