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   MACAUTO is an innovative European company proposing an urban infrastructure system for shared transport and energy management, reproducible components of the MACAUTO project.

    The "Hives" are integrated as structuring elements of a proximity service in the design of the new districts of tomorrow's sustainable cities, Smart Cities.


    A MACAUTO Hive saves 10,750 m² of parking space.


What is the innovation brought by the mobility solution?

How does it work? 

  • Implementation of "Hive" infrastructures for fleets of electric vehicles (100 units) on an ultra-small site, 17mx17m, i.e. less than 2m²90 per car.

  • Financing of the electric terminals without using public money.

  • Provision of shared vehicle fleets to all publics.

  • Reducing pollution in the city, reducing congestion.

  • Via the MACAUTO "Hives" infrastructure, capture and storage of renewable energy (from the wind and the sun) in a chamber of recycled stationary batteries from the automotive industry.

  • The possibility of storing data in a "Data Edge" center on the first floor of our "MACAUTO Hives".

  • The whole forms a global offer of infrastructure for our companies, our districts, our cities, our departments, our regions and our territories without public money* (except studies of implementation).

  • It allows territories to propose a Zero GHG mobility infrastructure to be a real counterpart to the owners of solo cars.

  • The mobility solution offers "Work-Home" trips without GHG and without public money while allowing an increase in spending capacity on low wages. Macauto Hives = Tripod infrastructures: shared mobility 0 GHG, captured and stored ENr energies (green hydrogen), sovereign Edge Data Centers with 100% private financing (excluding study costs).

For which users and in which territories?

  • Companies that have between 1250 employees and more.

  • Dense areas where mayors want less pollution, more urban spaces (bicycles/pedestrians/landscaped spaces), less public spending, equipping their territories with more electrical terminals, committing more strongly to global COP21.

  • Provide increased purchasing power to low wage earners (CSR).

  • Reduce the city's polluting funds.

  • Offer new professions: Micro Fret, Taxi/mobility, Silver economy support, Data Edge, Energy Maille,

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